All business permits and licenses are to be renewed within the first 20 days of January. During this period, the Municipal Government of Libungan has a ONE-STOP SHOP program wherein all offices with direct participation in the processing of the application for renewal of business permits and licenses are housed in one place to help facilitate the smooth flow of documents; thus, saving the clientele’s money, time and effort.

Securing Business Transaction Form

In applying for a business permit in the Municipality of Libungan, the applicant should submit a business transaction form (BTF) which contains vital information to process the application. The BTF is available in the Business Permit and Licensing Office located at the ground floor of the Libungan Municipal Hall.

Requirements for New Business

  • Barangay Clearance
  • DTI (Single Proprietor)/SEC Registration (Corporation)
  • Authorization Letter of owner with ID, if with representative
  • Lease Contract, if under leasing agreement
  • CTC (Community Tax Certificate-CEDULA)
  • Filled up downloadable Business Permit Application form
  • Zoning Clearance from Zoning Office (Application Form) if new 
  • Building Permit and Occupancy Permit from Engineering Office
  • Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) Clearance
  • Mun. Assessor’s Office Assessment of RPT where the business is situated
  • BIR Registration of Business
  • Health Certificate from RHU-Libungan
  • Environmental Certificate from MENRO
  • MEEDO clearance for Market Stalls only
Cost of Doing Business
Comparative Figures 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Cost of Electricity (P/KwH) Residential         10.542
Commercial Users         8.7160
Industrial Firms / Customers         8.0922
Cost of Water (Php. Per Cubic Meter) Residential 255.00 255.00 255.00 255.00 255.00
Semi-Commercial Users 446.25 446.25 446.25 446.25 446.25
Pure-Commercial Users 510.00 510.00 510.00 510.00 510.00

Price of Diesel as of December 31 per year (Php. per Liter)

Price of Premium Gasoline as of December 31 per year (Php. per Liter)

Price of Unleaded Gasoline as of December 31 per year (Php. per Liter)





Regional Daily Minimum Wage Rate Agricultural (Amount in Peso)          
Plantation: with food allowance/day         250.00
                     with out food allowance/day         300.00

Construction Daily Labor Cost: Foreman







Commercial establishments pay rate/day       250.00 250.00
Cost of Rent for Commercial /Office Space (in Php. per square meter per month)         187.00-325.00
Comparative Figures As of 2018 As of 2019 As of 2020
Cost of Land in a Central Business District (Purchased in Php. per square meter) 1,300.00 1,300.00 1,300.00
Licenses and Registration