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Emergency Hotlines

Name of Office Officer-in-Charge Contact Number
PNP Station P/Capt. Orphie Julian (064) 229-5111
Fire Station SFO4 Francisco J. Obed (064) 229-5255
MDRRMO Dennis C. Depas +639997491974
Radio Room Arcadio C. Baguio +639488901228
DILG Libungan Queenee A. Sucol +639196471200
Rural Health Unit Herman B. Uson, MD +639175382739
Office of the Municipal Mayor Christopher M. Cuan +639177263333
Office of the Municipal Vice-Mayor Ronaldo B. Pader, MD +639477238734

LGU Officials

Name of Official Position/Designation Contact Number
Christopher M. Cuan Municipal Mayor +639177263333
Ronaldo B. Pader, MD Municipal Vice-Mayor +639477238734
Francis Aris D. Yu Municipal Councilor +639303780480
Jims C. Fullecido Municipal Councilor +639399603849
Hermie P. Mana-ay Municipal Councilor +639998841268
Nicobel O. Neri, Jr. Municipal Councilor +639214467280
Sittie Eljorie C. Antao Municipal Councilor +639203338405
Edgardo G. Coronel Municipal Councilor +639989910423
Anecita T. Develleres Municipal Councilor +639476910804
Jackie G. Ondoy Municipal Councilor +639989912178
Joridine D. Bonao ABC President +639076480092
Rodrigo S. Rangaban IPMR +639294118784
Israel P. Hasigan, II SKMF President +639106413015

Local Government Offices and Other Line Agencies

Name of Office Officer-in-Charge Contact Number
Office of the Municipal Mayor Christopher M. Cuan +639177263333
Office of the Municipal Vice-Mayor Ronaldo B. Pader, MD +639477238734
Sangguniang Bayan Jay R. Sanchez +639091734008
Office of the Municipal Administrator Ruben A. Espabo +639097530011
Office of the MPDC Renante L. Ponce, EnP, MRDM (064) 521-6295
Office of the Municipal Accountant Elmir S. Lindo, CPA (064) 521-6295
Office of the Municipal Agriculturist Teresita B. Testado, LEA +639486263647
Office of the Municipal Assessor Herculio B. Elegino, REA, MMPA +639096171744
Office of the Municipal Engineer Jerry T. Licayan, CE, MMPA +639309612411
Rural Health Unit Herman B. Uson, MD +639175382739
Office of the MSWD Belen D. Orobia, RSW +639213535298
Office of the MENRO Arnold B. Ferenal, MMPA +639611297222
Office of the Economic Enterprise Arnold B. Ferenal, MMPA +639611297222
Office of the Civil Registrar Marilou Q. Fronda, Phd +639777803872
Office of the General Services Jenelyn S. Surino +639278981171
Office of the Municipal Budget Rio Ducao, III +639177230007
Office of the Municipal Treasurer Peter R. Panawidan +639955032348
Office of the Human Resource Management Lorena S. Ferenal, MMPA 09088814636
MDRRMO Dennis C. Depas +639094844464
Office of the SB Secretary Jay R. Sanchez +639091734008
BIR Office To be updated (064) 521-6295
Fire Station SFO4 Francisco J. Obed (064) 229-5255
PNP Station P/Capt. Orphie Julian (064) 229-5111
DILG Libungan Queenee A. Sucol +639193322671
PESO Libungan Eddie Vicente +639482922704


Name of Barangay Punong Barangay Contact Number
Abaga Ageo S. Cardoza +639466435057
Baguer Reynaldo G. Galanto +639075716868
Barongis Imansad S. Panawidan +639173315261
Batiocan Florante C. Depas +639296496259
Cabaruyan Joridine D. Bonao +639076480092
Cabpangi Henry O. Neri +639184165657
Demapaco Joseph Dante D. Develleres +639305781309
Grebona Gina P. Hurboda +639463116834
Gumaga Jose B. Diaz +639072879433
Kapayawi Leonardo M. Barat +639092339731
Kiloyao Carlos B. Cosicol +639099189421
Kitubod Lucsim A. Ando +639385540003
Malengen Ric P. Villarta +639384078002
Montay Rey Aspacio +639514812622
Nica-an Rey G. Dimasuay +639109239546
Palao Edwin M. Vicente +639126214283
Poblacion Cresenciano J. Yu +639120502686
Sinapangan Lito Barat +639486777734
Sinawingan Prescelie A. Bengson +639469469040
Ulamian Josephine E. Egualan +639302456546


Name of Hospital Owner Contact Number
Mt. of Blessing Hospital Dr. Wetzell Russ D. Dela Cruz to be updated
Dr. Ramon P. Pesante Clinic and Hospital Dr. Ramon P. Pesante, MD to be updated
Notre Dame Maternity and Medical Clinic Dr. Jesus Pader, MD to be updated
Rural Health Unit LGU Libungan to be updated
Well Family Midwife Clinic Eden P. Mendoza, RM to be updated
Baguer Birthing Clinic Concepcion D. Asis, RM 09305218738
Mount of Faith Birthing Home Jerry A. Villa to be updated
Good Samaritan Birthing Home Phoebe Joy M. Pagaduan to be updated


Name of School School Head Contact Number
Abaga Elementary School Wilebordo N.Bugas, Jr. 09090021601
CV Cocal Elem. School-Main Amiel Clark S. Cocal to be updated
CV Cocal Elem. School-Annex Irene A. Viernes 09488030326
Barongis Elem. School Mario C. Mamuco 09076643333
Barongis High School Nenita Flauta 09103206018
B. Bernardez Elem. School Gorospe, to be updated
GB Calabroso Elem. School Virgie Taladro 09399021684
Nueva Fuerza Elem. School Noven Barbon to be updated
DT Duga Elem. School Rowena S. Pableo -OIC to be updated
Cabpangi Elem. School Leody R. Acosta 09095238039
Demapaco Elem. School Villamor, to be updated
Sinawingan HS-Demapaco Ext. Cecilia Mariano
Grebona Elem. School Timoteo M. Camponion 09203551869
Wendelin Eduarte Elem. Sch Jean B. Clavel 09308999918
Kapayawi Elem. School Ariston Campollo 09202449801
Kiloyao Elem. School Cherrie Len C. Cabiles 09073026510
Kitubod Elem. School Jezeebel P. Vicente 09106461038
Kitubod High School Elisa C. Quidores to be updated
Maiting Elem. School Meliza M. Montes -OIC 09487348228
Malengen Elem. School Gloria L. Lamigo 09077612049
Padura-Espabo Elem. School Danilo C. Jadulos, Jr. 09090021601
Padura-Espabo High School Rowena Matavia to be updated
Piarro Elem. School Rex A. Samillano 09983843858
Nicaan Central Elem. School Delma S. Mausisa 09213146840
Nicaan High School Rey C. Celestial 09192185230
Nicaan Annex Primary Sch Soril Barcebal 09109178456
Palao Elem. School Joel Legspi to be updated
Medal Elem. School Ramon R. Cabrera 09107126182
Cesar C. Cabaya, Sr. HS Ramil T. Licayan 09216773799
Lope T. Quial Central ES Jennifer Linaban 09463546444
Libungan National HS Loruhama Fontanilla 09107536788
St. Joseph Learning Center Adeline J. Balancar to be updated
Infant Jesus Learning Center to be updated to be updated
Wesleyan Learning Center to be updated to be updated
Sinapangan Elem. School Estrelita M. Campong 09092463853
Semberen Elem. School Jeanelyn T. Magno 09487630278
Agkir-Agkir Elem. School Janelle R. Bulahan 09129324760
Sinawingan Elem. School Ma. Luisa P. Tulang to be updated
Sinawingan High School Mario Benitez 09100671765
New Philadelphian Learning Center to be updated to be updated
Mindanao Center for Advocacy (MIDCARES) Imelda Mariano to be updated
Ulamian Elementary School Henry V. Mendez 09489535525

Banks & Financial Intermediaries

Name of Bank/s & Financial Intermediaries Manager Name Contact Number
BDO Network Bank to be updated 0642295040
CARD Jeanly Arat to be updated
CARD BANK Kondatu D. Mantawil to be updated
ASA Philippines Foundation Maria Melissa B. Nicor to be updated
CCT Credit Cooperative Lanie M. Canada to be updated
GUFARMCO Marjorie A. Pepito 09486103675
LIMCO John D. Gelacio 09214913696
LNEMPCO to be Updated to be updated

Hotels & Restaurants

To be updated soon.