While we mourn the brutal murder of our former Mayor Christopher “Amping” M. Cuan on January 11, 2021, we cannot succumb to disarray and disorder in the municipality. Thus by law of succession, the Municipal Vice Mayor immediately took hold of the reins of the local government. Hence, we warmly welcome the luckiest guy in town; the former first councilor who rose to assume the vice mayorship upon the death of former Vice Mayor Ronaldo “Onggie” P. Pader, MD who succumb to heart failure in October 7, 2020, and now assumed the Mayorship left by the late Mayor Cuan.

Hon. Mayor Francis Aris D. Yu popularly known as Aris bowed to continue the search for Justice for Mayor Cuan and his driver bodyguard Tawix Ihao. He also promised to continue all the good programs/projects and activities of former Mayor Cuan albeit the covid19 pandemic and his new projects in mind.

The people of Libungan believes it is fate that made Mayor Aris the new Municipal Mayor of Libungan amidst the heartaches brought by the deaths of his predecessors.

Mayor Aris, WELCOME to your new world!!! Keep believing YOU CAN DO IT…