The heavy rainfalls in January 2021 amidst the wake of former Mayor Christopher M. Cuan greatly affected the Barangay roads in the Municipality. Heavy equipments were deployed to restore vital infrastructures and it was observed by the newly appointed Mayor Francis Aris D. Yu that the transport of road roller and excavator to and from one Barangay to the other Barangay was hampered by the lack of self-loading truck. The said situation then was not seen as a deficiency since the late Mayor Cuan gladly allows LGU use of his self-loading truck at no cost. Now that he has passed away, the lack of it became evident.

The observation of newly appointed Mayor Francis Aris D. Yu was brought before the Municipal Development Council (MDC) with the assistance of Municipal Engineer Jerry T. Licayan on February 5, 2021.

Luckily, the MDC approved the proposal of the new Mayor and it was presented to the Sangguniang Bayan which adopted the same. It was funded through the 2021 20% development fund.

Just recently, after the public bidding process, the self-loading truck arrived in Libungan and blessed by the parish priest.