With the unfolding of events, the unassuming No. 2 municipal councilor Hon. Jims C. Fullecido rose to become the current Municipal Vice Mayor of the Municipality of Libungan. The people of Libungan welcomes him very warmly.

Upon the death of the former Vice Mayor Ronaldo B. Pader, MD, the No.1 councilor Hon. Francis Aris D. Yu assumed the post in October 2020. Hence, Hon. Jims C. Fullecido assumed the No. 1 councilor post. Being also a very lucky guy, the abrupt death of the Municipal Mayor Christopher M. Cuan catapulted him to the Vice Mayorship as the appointed Vice Mayor Francis Aris D. Yu assumed the mayorship.

The unexpected turn of events has made Hon. Jims C. Fullecido to learn the craft of the office and his chamber has been very cooperative and helpful.